4 Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Dated: 02/21/2018

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You've made the decision that it's time to sell your home.  Before you put your home on the market though, it's time to get it ready.  Even if you fix or upgrade everything that's broken our outdated, that might not be enough to make your house stand out from all of the others perspective homebuyers.  Believe it or not, staging is a key aspect of successfully selling a home and one that many home buyers fail to spend enough time on.

Here are four expert tips that will help you stage your house like a professional and make sure it stands out in the minds of prospective buyers.

1) Curb Appeal to Spark Interest

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Like your mother always told you, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  When it comes to your home, curb appeal is that one shot.  

When a prospective homebuyer pulls up in front, you want them to immediately make a connection.  If they don't have a connection, then you can bet they won't take the time to come inside to look around.

Here is what it takes to give your home that first impression that will make homebuyers want to come inside:

- Make sure all trees, bushes, and hedges are trimmed and cutback

- Paint the entire exterior and remove personalize signage, like "The Roser Family" or "An Eagles Fan Lives Here"

- Clear your front yard and patio of clutter and debris

- Create a space for sitting that will invoke a feeling of relaxation and lazy Sunday afternoons for enjoying the weather

- Add pops of color throughout with annuals and a couple of hanging baskets, but don't overcrowd things

2) Clean Like Your Mother-in-Law is Coming Over

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Of course, it goes without saying that you plan on cleaning your home before hold your first open house, but simply cleaning won't set your house apart.  You want to clean as if your mother-in-law was coming to inspect everything.  For this, we're talking about calling in the professionals.  Spring for the extras and let them handle all the nooks and crannies, clean the drapes and blinds, and underneath furniture.

Pick up all of the clutter from rooms and put excess items into storage.  Excess items include personalized photos, books or movies that don't fit and are just stacked about, and the majority of your decorative knick-knacks. Ensure that the items that remain on display are pristine.  Yes, that means that tattered old robe you were to pick up the paper from the curb every morning to the horror of your children needs to be put away and out of sight.

Sure, your pets are great and are part of the family, but not all prospective homebuyers feel the same way.  You want a homebuyer to be able to see their family in your home --- you want them to make that connection.  Pack up all of Fido's extra toys, blankets, and beds, have the floors professionally cleaned, and patch up any areas that might have been scratched or chewed up by your four-legged family member.  Board your pet during your open house weekend if possible.  Not only will it keep the experience calm for home buyers touring your home, it will also ensure no residual pet smells or hair will be there for the event.

3) Decorate Missed Opportunities

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Think of your open house as your home telling a story to prospective home buyers.  You want prospective home buyers to walk through your home and have the story of their potential life in this home unfold before them.  Like any good storyteller, you have to lead them through the story to the outcome you want.

Make sure you take advantage of all opportunities to paint a picture for home buyers.  

- Add flowers and a casual place setting (no more than for four people) to the dining room table letting them see what dinners at home will look like.  

- Turn that built-in shelf under the stairs into a desk area where kids can do homework after school.  

- Remove all your workout equipment from the spare bedroom and replace it with a bed and a table to create a space where their guests will stay during the holidays.

And let's not forget the patio!  Clean up debris, create areas where people can gather during parties and cookouts, and have music playing through your outdoor speakers (something non-invasive like smooth jazz or oldies).  Let them see what Fourth of July cookouts or Saturday nights grilling with the family will be like once they move in.

4) Two Words: Symmetry and Neutrality

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Now for one of the hardest parts of staging ---- creating a space that conveys symmetry and neutrality throughout.  This is important for two reasons: 1) human nature responds to symmetry best, it just makes sense to us and we don't have to think about it, and 2) if everything is neutral then it's easier for prospective homebuyers to imagine themselves in the space.

Rearrange the furniture so it creates sitting and gathering spaces that are even.  For example, put the coffee table in the middle with the sofa facing it and an armchair on each end.  If you have five chairs surrounding your dining table, store one of them and only display four during the open house.

Paint all walls neutral, earth tones.  If your daughter has a bright pink room with posters, remove all the posters and super girly artifacts, paint the walls beige, pack away the Powder Puff Girls bedspread, and try and create a space that is a gender-neutral as possible.

If you need a little help getting things lined up and ready to go, contact us and let us walk you through the process?  

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